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KONTORA Production

Client: Kontora Production
Task: Our identity development
Site: http://kontora.co

1453360_10151699131546193_152711628_n (1)Signboard. Wood laser engraving.


Our own corporate identity can perhaps be described as “office vintage”. Do not think that we love so much borrowed the word “vintage”, but what to do, if only it includes exactly our inherent traits. The word “office”, incidentally, also came to us from another language, but in our native Russian it sounds like it is “kontora.” It’s a pity, but it is much more familiar the English version, but it seems our old-fashioned, even archaic. And what comes to mind when we hear it? It’s unbleached paper, folders “Case № …”, quill pen and brown leather briefcases… All these images have become a kind of inspiration for us and so was born the style of our “office”. Logo in the form of business briefcase, inside of which depicts a camera is the best demonstrates the kind of our activities.


Фирменная упаковка и диски для клиентов. В духе старых папок для особо важных дел

Фирменные блокноты “KONTORA Production” с чистыми, белоснежными листами на которых Вы можете рисовать, записывать важную информацию или делать из них оригами!







Подставки под визитки и ручки из натуральной березы:


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