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Babich N.M.
CEO, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre

Dear Sergei!
Let me express my gratitude to the whole talented team of CHYRKOV studio specialists and to you personally for creating a website for the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater!
The new site of Odessa Opera meets the requirements of modern web design and high standards of refined style, manufacturability and convenience, and also differs favorably from all existing opera sites by a “perfect” combination of artistic and technological goals embodied in this large-scale project! The work on the new site is a great example of effective, creative and professional cooperation between the CHYRKOV studio team and theater staff.
An exclusive site design solution based on the creation on each page of animated paintings depicting sculptures that adorn the facade and interior of the theater (and never repeated), as well as other unique ideas for the theater site were able to convey the special atmosphere that reigns in the famous Odessa Opera and is unforgettable.
From the bottom of my heart I wish you new interesting projects and inspiration for their implementation!

Best regards,
General Director N.M. Babich

Zuev A. P.
CEO, GreenTech Energy

Company “GreenTech Energy”, represented by the General Director Zuev Alexander Petrovich, expresses gratitude to “CHYRKOV studio” for the development of our corporate website.
Our task was to make, on the one hand, a modern website that meets trends in design, favorably distinguishes our company on the market. On the other hand, it should be functional, meaningful, illuminating all our areas of activity, services, with easy navigation, geared towards promotion.
The project turned out to be more complicated than even planned. The CHYRKOV STUDIO team coped with the tasks, took into account all our wishes.
We hope for further great cooperation with Sergei Chyrkov’s studio in the implementation of all our future projects!

Zuev A. P.
CEO, GreenTech Energy

Company “GreenTech Energy”, represented by the General Director Zuev Alexander Petrovich, expresses gratitude to “CHYRKOV studio” for the high-quality performance of the assigned tasks.
We turned to the Studio for the development of a new logo and corporate identity. Over the 10 years of our company’s presence on the market, we have changed, the Company has changed. With a new corporate identity, we wanted to reflect the changes that have occurred. The task was not only to redesign the logo, but to develop a completely new visual positioning of our Company, which was further reflected in the creation of a brand book and a new website.
The team approached the project responsibly, took into account all our wishes, and proposed several concepts for our corporate identity.
Special thanks for the speed of response in completing tasks and perseverance in bringing the work to the desired result.
Despite the volume and complexity of the project, all work was completed on time.
We hope for further great cooperation with Sergei Chyrkov’s studio in the implementation of all our future projects!

Server Serveriev
General Director, Managing Company of the Travel Agencies Network ANEX Tour

The Managing Company of the ANEX Tour Travel Agency network represented by the General Director of Server Serveriev, expresses gratitude to Sergei Chyrkov’s studio, for the qualitative approach to the tasks set and the design, front-end development of the ANEX Tour website (www.anex.agency), which was developed according to the established plan and was carried out exactly on time.

Employees of the studio professionally went to the project, rationally thinking out the structure, creating a unique responsive design of all key pages and site templates, including the user’s personal cabinet. All design work was carried out in the company’s corporate style and taking into account the requirements of the terms of reference.

We hope for further cooperation with “CHYRKOV studio” when creating new successful projects!

Natalia Akitsova
Head of Business development, NTC Intourist

The company NTC Intourist expresses its sincere gratitude to CHYRKOV studio for the qualitative work performed to create a new, responsive website design of intourist.ru. We chose Sergei Chyrkov’s studio as a contractor for the high professionalism of specialists and for an acceptable price policy.
Design development and minor edits were made on time and in full compliance with our requirements. The studio showed a responsible and creative approach to the matter, a creative solution to the set tasks. Now we can rightly say that we have one of the most modern sites among competitors. The team managed to combine efficiency and effectiveness, taking into account the specifics of our business and the complexity of the project.

Our company plans to further attract and recommend CHYRKOV studio as a reliable contractor in the field of digital services, namely, in the development of design and layout.

We wish you to continue to follow your principles in the work, to develop and create beauty!

Marco Terzini
General manager Hotel de Paris Odessa, MGallery от Sofitel

As General Manager of the Hotel de Paris Odessa — MGallery by Sofitel I had the privilege to cooperate with Mr. Sergei Chyrkov, photographer and owner of CHYRKOV Studio in July-August 2017. Mr. Chyrkov is an exceptionally creative and talented individual who was an absolute dream to work with. We enjoy working with Sergei as he has demonstrated an excellent combination of reliability, creativity and professionalism. Hotel de Paris is the first international brand hotel in Odessa, a part of Accor hotels and even the first MGallery hotel in the whole CIS countries, Ukraine and Georgia. It is located in a historical building in the very heart of Odessa, designed by French interior designer Ana Moussinet. Sergei was invited for the hotel photo shooting according to the very stringent Accor Photography guidelines and he has provided us with excellent results. The task was to shoot all main room categories, restaurant, bar, SPA area and building facade in order to show the hotel’s luxurious atmosphere and unique environment. The photo-shoot was carried out professionally with high level professional equipment. Also I’d like to mention that by the end all necessary photographs were retouched taking into account all high industry standards. We have decided to use all of his shots for our promotional materials as well as brand and local property websites, social media, external and internal advertising materials. I have no hesitation in recommending Sergei Chyrkov for any future work with any international brand hotels of note. His personality and open minded attitude in addition to his art and technical skill as a photographer are high qualities and appreciated by the Hotel de Paris Odessa team.

Evgeny Bakharev
International Business Manager, Universe DIY Systems

We want to thank Sergei Chyrkov and his specialists for an excellent completeness of all the assigned tasks. The key mission was to create a new website combining modern design trends, minimalism, handy structure and proper management interface. Proper allowance must be made for rather tight deadlines – therefor I would like to thank all the team personally. It should not go unmentioned that the specialists from this digital agency were personally involved in all the changes and problems they tackled. Finally we took pleasure in cooperating with real legal pros. I look forward to working with you in the future!

Anna Bogomolova
Мarketing & PR, LB Dessous Luxury Pure

We have been working with Sergei Chyrkov’s Studio for four years already. Professional photography, printing of branded mock-ups or a corporate catalog is always a quality work of the team, which not only justifies the most demanding expectations, but also strengthens long-term business relationships. When we set ourselves the task of updating the site of the company “LB Dessous Luxure Pure”, the modernization of its structure and appearance, we did not doubt who we will work with in this direction. The team of the studio of Sergey Chyrkov offered many interesting and constructive ideas on the most fashionable digital trends. We want to say special thanks to Sergei Chyrkov – a wonderful, amazingly patient and accurate in all respects designer, thank you for your professionalism, understanding and ability to “hear the client.”

Svetlana Maybrodskaya
CEO of Wordshop Academy of Communications

I want to express my gratitude to the Studio of Sergei Chyrkov! We worked with this company to create a new site for the Wordshop Academy of Communications. All works were completed on time, with an individual approach and care for all details. The works included: the concept of the site, the concept of site infographic, design development, programming and the transfer of all information. Especially I want to highlight infographics. The previous site was very complex and oversaturated with content and one of the tasks was to simplify the menu and systematize all the content so that it became easier and more understandable for the user. The second task was to adapt the corporate style of the site (author’s illustrations) to the brand content, including photos and videos of different styles. All these tasks were solved, and in a short time. This is not the first contractor for sites that we have encountered since the existence of AC Wordshop and we can say with confidence that it was a very pleasant and positive experience, which brought an excellent result, which we and our customers are satisfied with.

Ivan Serebrennikov
CEO, Kvadrat

The Kvadrat Group of Companies expresses its gratitude to Sergei Chyrkov Studio for fruitful cooperation in the creation of our corporate website. I would like to note the high professionalism of the Studio’s employees, efficiency, original solutions and a serious approach to the fulfillment of our task. We highly appreciate the intellectual and conscientious work of your employees, the level and quality of the work done. I want to note the indifference of the studio staff at any stage of the process, especially valuable were counter proposals to solve any problems, even the smallest at first glance. All sites of the company have a convenient and easy-to-use administration system that allows our company’s employees to independently change the structure of the site and post any necessary materials. We note the quality, reasonable terms of the project and their compliance, responsibility and reliability in the partnership Relations. We are glad that you contribute to the development of our business, effectively providing the work of our information resources.

Marina Reshetnyak
Senior Assistant for Media Relations and PR The European Union’s Transboundary Mission Conflicts (EUBAM)

Dear colleagues! With confidence we can recommend you Sergey Chyrkov and his team for development of the a website. In the fall of 2015, this team made a new, modern website for our Mission. Despite the very tight deadlines, all the work was done quickly and efficiently. All the work, including the content of the site, took only two months. The site works fine, if there are any questions, we turn to the guys and they react quickly.

Anna Karamazova
CEO of ORising in Ukraine

Sergei, ORising company expresses gratitude to you personally and to all your collective for your contribution in the development of our business. We thank you for the long-term cooperation, for those projects that we were able to realize because of you, for harmonious, operative, and most importantly, creative and positive work. You know how to hear a client and embody his vision. Punctuality and quality are also yours. It’s very pleasant to interact with such a team.

CEO, Cesare

Hello everyone, we turned to Sergei Chyrkov’s studio a year later when our store realized that our facade was invisible against the background of neighboring balconies and signboards. The guys have given recognition to our room, expanded visual facade, made it visible and attractive. Also, a beautiful packaging for the products was developed.

Andrey Kuznetsov
iHelp Apple Service

The guys from the Studio did well. I am a web designer and front-end developer and led this project. What I would like to note: 1) They professionally fit the design and layout of the site. The Studio is considering how the site will work, who needs it and what the main purpose of the site is – it’s very pleasant. They use excellent tools for coordinating layouts. It was clear that every day a mock-up work was being done. 2) I immediately understood that it is important for the guys that the project is advanced and of high quality, they do not want to do bad things. 3) The Studio clearly fulfilled its obligations and did a good job.

Anastasia Kashirskaya
CEO, “Salt” studio of interior design

I have been looking for a designer / studio for a long time to realize my project – a website for interior design. When I saw the work of Chyrkov Studio, I immediately wanted to order a website from them, everything is very harmonious and beautiful, every project is designed in the right theme and style, lots of nice nuances and every detail to the place. The work was most comfortable. The guys went into the essence of the product for which the site is created and all the proposed design and functionality was maximized. The site turned out to be whole, consistent in one style. The site was made in a super short time and there were never any delays, everything was sent at the agreed time. I was very pleased with our teamwork! I would like to say a huge thank you to CHYRKOV Studio and its leader Sergei Chyrkov for the work done, the results, and to wish more interesting projects!

Olga Kavun
CEO, Furniture factory “Feronia”

Thanks to CHYRKOV Studio for creative, fast and unique work! The team in a short time understood the idea of creating a new brand, offered various options. Thank you for creating a brand book and website!

Igor Zadorozhniy

We would like to thank Sergey Chyrkov and his team for the professional work on the creation of the corporate website of ONISS. We thank Sergey personally for the creativity and professionalism in carrying out image, as well as regular photo shoots for the site’s products and promotional materials. He, as a creative person, fulfills all the tasks positively, attentively treats the wishes of the client, and always introduces his own interesting ideas. Also we want to note the attention and responsibility of the team of Sergey at all stages of the work, starting with the discussion of new ideas, ending with post-support of the implemented projects.

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